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Reduce Your Bus Operating Costs with MAN

The price of a new bus is often the most important factor when it comes to buying a new bus. But in order to run a business efficiently and economically it’s not enough to know just the investment costs. You need to know the operating costs of the bus, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), too. TCO is a method of cost calculation that takes into account all expenses incurred during your ownership of a bus. TCO begins with the date of purchase and ends when you sell or scrap your bus and purchase a new vehicle. It’s only by knowing the TCO for your bus and your expenses per kilometer that you can reduce the bus operating costs.
The TCO-Optimizer from MAN helps you calculate your operating costs for every bus easily, quickly and reliably. The online calculator of Total Cost of Ownership covers all relevant factors. Here you can learn how to reduce your costs and take advantage of potential savings.

How the TCO of a bus is calculated?

Before calculating TCO you have a choice to make: do you plan to buy a bus or do you want to lease a vehicle? With the MAN TCO-Optimizer you can judge both scenarios. In order to produce a definite result about the operating costs per bus, the computer takes different factors into account such as the purchase price, the expected useful running life of the bus, fuel consumption, administration and staff costs. The result is the Total Cost of Ownership of your bus. Additionally the TCO Optimizer shows the cost per kilometer as percentages distributed across various fields. The more information you enter and the more details the computer can assess, the more accurate the calculation.

Find potential savings and reduce TCO

But that’s not all. The TCO-Optimizer also shows you how to reduce operating costs in the city bus segment with MAN Solutions and MAN Features. The TCO-Optimizer shows you directly where the potential savings hide. When you select a service, the computer updates the calculation at the same time and shows you what measures to take to reduce TCO.

MAN Solutions – your services to an efficient fleet

MAN offers a comprehensive support system geared to make your fleet more efficient and economic. Get a quick overview of how MAN Solutions helps you to dramatically reduce operating costs for your bus. Detailed information regarding individual Solutions can also be found directly in the TCO-Optimizer.

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