TGS: Clear victor in cost comparison

Efficiency means moving more and better

The MAN TGS demonstrates like no other truck how less can be more.  Less fuel, more power – that’s the motto behind the torque common rail engines, combining enhanced dynamic performance with low fuel consumption.  Less effort, more effect – the automated MAN TipMatic gear change reduces the pressure on the driver, eases the load on the drive train, both helping to cut diesel consumption.  Fewer standstills, more readiness – the TGS is also convincing proof of the ruggedness and reliability that MAN builds into its trucks.  It gets you to your destination securely and punctuality.  Even if it’s off the beaten track.  With its versatile drive configurations, it offers you the whole range of mobility, both onroad and offroad.  Less showiness, more ability – that is efficiency in transport the MAN TGS way.

TGM: In a class of its own

man TGS

Whatever you intend to do, the MAN TGM will do it with you.

Can you design a truck for high payload and large load volume at the same time?  MAN can.  The TGM 15-tonner proves that the trade-off works excellently.  It is the perfect allrounder with a broad range.  You want every driving comfort and maximum cushioning of your load?  The optional full air suspension with the electronically controlled ECAS system makes it possible.  For precise adjustment of frame height the chassis can drop by 90 mm from driving level and rise by 190 mm.  With the MAN TGM you can also expect maximum profitability.  The 15-tonner with 19.5-inch tyring is especially economical on the road for example.  You can even download it to 11.99 tonnes for reduced highway tolls.

CLA: Robust and Reliable


Reliability made by MAN technology

With Cargo Line A (CLA) a new start has entered the stage of transportation.  Focused on markets outside of the EU, the truck meets highest requirements on reliability, robustness and long service life.  The CLA opens up a new dimension of cost effectiveness.  Made with established MAN technology, the CLA’s road performance, its comfort and safety features will convince our clients.


The trucks are manufactured in a joint venture with the leading Indian producer of commercial vehicles, Force Motors Ltd., which has been ISO 9001 certified since 2001.  The chassis, tipper, mixer and tractor trucks are available for weights ranging from 15 tons to 26/33 tons and are built to cope with challenging and rough operating conditions.  Handling as well as mechanical and electronic systems are designed to be particularly user-friendly.