TGS Truck

TGS: Clear victor in cost comparison

Trucknology means perfection. In this wide-ranging sense the MAN TGA is a perfect truck – perfectly matched to you and your transport tasks. It was our declared objective in its development to arrive at an extremely economical truck that was safe, reliale and durable.

But it also had to be powerful, comfortable and superb in its handling. We got the mix right. From cab and frame to engine and gearbox one thing applies: the TGA WW has enough of everything, but never too much. It’s just the way you want it – perfect! And all backed up by the unique expertise of MAN – known worldwide under the name of Trucknology.

man TGS

TGM: In a class of its own

Three years after its introduction, the TGM has been given the distinctive look of the Trucknology® generation. With an overall weight of 13 to 26 t and engines from 250 to 340 HP, the TGM is the all-rounder in its class.

Better economy through innovative drive technology Underneath the cab are new, powerful engines with the straightforward MAN PURE DIESEL® technology*: innovative Exhaust-Gas Recirculation (EGR) and common rail injection system. All power levels to EEV exhaust quality standard or alternatively Euro 5 provide the freedom to enter inner-city low emission zones.


Intercity and Touring Bus Chassis

With the 18.350 / 18.430 HOCLR and 24.460 HOCLNR, MAN offers an economical bus chassis concept for scheduled services and touring. All-rounders between towns and for touring they combine all the advantages and flexibilities today’s operators require. Scheduled services or touring – Only the best is good enough for the driver. His importance is underlined […]


Citybus Chasis

Mobility around town these days demands comfortable and clean solutions. Solutions like MAN offers with its, and not only low-floor, bus chassis. They stand for first-class public transport: more power, more safety and more comfort. That includes the low entries and the platform-free, bright and cheery interior. The engines are absolutely clean and quiet which […]